Photographic Documentation?

Performed a Wind Mit on a older home without an Attic. Confirmed the plywood deck at the flashing.

Used my Thermal camera to document the truss spacing.

They said the wanted picures, they did not rule out Infrared! LOL:p

Awesome there is no way in hell they should not accept it. Good luck proving what type of nails or the spacing of them.

Tell me where on the form it even says the photos must be in color, Yet every day the idiots at the insurance companies pester me because a client faxed them their report.

The photo requirements are asinine, dangerous and prove nothing. The mistake the OIR committed by putting that requirement on the current form should be removed immediately.

At least now I can confirm the 24" or less spacing and rate it an ‘A’.

lucky them :slight_smile:

How can you rate it an “A” if you can’t verify nailing? Somehow i don’t think they will accept that.

There is a nail requirement and a spacing requirement for an “A” rating.

Currently, they are not being to picky on the spacing of an A rating since it’s the default rating.

But in this case, I had a small amount of exposed ceiling in an attached AC/laundry room ( an addition with Toe nails). A minor gap in the flashing of the main structure to confirm that the house had a plywood deck. But I had no access to the main building attic to confirm truss spacing.

The 24" spacing being the pivotal piece of information. to justify an “A”

There is no other choice and you must mark something.

What about E, F or G?

my bad you are correct. :slight_smile:

I would still mark A but that is just me.

The property had no attic access and needs one. The buyer hired me and the closing was…Yesterday. They needed an inspection to get insurance.

Marking E, F, G, would be real easy for me. But, it would not be giving my client my best effort. If the WM is marked Unknown, Other, or No Access. It’s basically worthless.

Jay, how did you measure the 24" o.c.?

look at both picts you can see the tape. :slight_smile:
Pretty slick.

I rubbed the tape with my hand to get a temperature differential. Then ballanced it on the shade where the camera indicated the truss position. Snapped a pic with the Thermal Camera and the digital.