PIC of Nick with oldest NACHI-ASHI inspector still practicing.

Martin told me he drove 100 miles to meet me. I flew 1,000 to meet him.


I have to say that meeting Martin was a great honor.

I now have a PIC of myself with the oldest (85 years old) NACHI member and the youngest (13 years old) NACHI member.

Yes, the youngest fulfilled all the membership requirements including logging over 70 continuing education hours and he hopes to be a home inspector one day. His mother did not want his PIC posted online.

40 years. Wow

The 85 year old is planning on applying for CMI and and the 13 year old is plainning on taking the NHIE :smiley: .

Excellent…The PAST is Securing our FUTURE inspectors are GREAT…Very Nice…

He looks mahvelous.

He is mahvelous. He kept my talk going with great questions about the future of the industry. Funny, kind of… here is a fella 85 years of age thinking about the cutting edge of the industry. I love him.