Picture of the day

Comments? :mrgreen:

Not sure what I’m looking at

It is a home made dryer vent so the lint didn’t get all over the back patio.

That’s safe!

Oh that makes sense now, just burn all the lint away when it catches fire, kind of like burning the leaves in the yard so you don’t have to bag them?

I’ve looked at the Animal channel enought to know that is a Rhino part. LOL

That’s just ugly. Would rather have the lint but if lint is that much of a problem then the dryer must have a problem.

They just didn’t want it to get all over the screened in patio. Imagine what this would look like…when the dryer wasn’t running!:mrgreen:

I suppose either it’s ugly lol. Pretty sure they make a lint box gizmo that could be attached. Funny the things people do in and to their homes.