Still my best inspection picture

The picture here is from an inspection on November 8, 2004. I asked the home owner about the setup and he said that he didn’t like the dryer lint all over the garage so he arranged to send the lint to the water heater where he thought he would be able to get more hot water because of the extra fuel. OMG, SMH, WTF, and whatever other acronyms you care to add. My employees and I thought the fire extinguisher was a nice touch…


That picture should be in one of the online courses. Unbelievable what idle minds can come up with!


That is quite a set up. The seller is lucky he didn’t burn down the house. :shock:

That’s awesome. You just can’t fix stupid.

Thanks,I needed that laugh!

Thanks Russel!
Thats one of the best ever.

Anyone got a contender???

Hands down best I’ve ever seen.

Engineering marvel.

Great one. Here’s one of my favorites.

Tap on Trap.JPG

Oh, there’s something seriously wrong with the person that even dreamt this up. Ewww…:frowning:

All I can say is WOW. I could comment on how the chain could be used but its not in my best interest.


coffee anyone? :cool:


Can light?

yep, it didn’t smell like a “pot light” :mrgreen:

Let’s not rush to conclusions here. The air from the dryer will work like a bellows, helping the combustible lint to ignite, providing more fuel for heating water and saving on monthly gas costs.
Always a bright side!

That’s a good one:shock:
I Love this job:-) keeps the days interesting.

2 stage turbo action:p


That’s a liquid plant fertilizer dispenser;-)

Check out this poor attempt at a solar water heater.

Yep they pulled out the lower element, drilled out the mounting flange from the element, put the copper tubes in and gooped it up with epoxy.

The copper tubes run through the roof(the roof leaks there), to some pvc pipes running back and forth across the roof.