Pictures Needed

Posted back in January 2007 I corresponded back and forth with many about creating some powerpoint presentations aimed at the real estate community.
I finally had my meeting with the guy in charge of training for approxiamtely 300 Coldwell Banker agents and he is working with me on content for the presenations. I’m now ready to proceed with development and hope to have 2-3 nice presentations developed over the next few months.

However, I’m in need of pictures that illustrate what we (inspectors) run into when we’re in the field. The more bizzare the better. If you have pictures and you’re willing to share, my email is In return, I’ll email anyone who provides pictures the file(s) that contain the completed presentations when they are finished. For those who have already contributed, I still have your email addresses on file.

Thank you

Thanks for the pictures guys. Keep’em coming.