Pipe Dope thread sealant on water supply pipes

Is any type of pipe dope allowed on water supply pipes?

Any is better than none in most cases.

That does not look like pipe dope that was applied during installation. Looks more like epoxy putty to plug a leak.

FYI, The pipe on the left has corrosion as the union is dielectric, while the pipe on the right has pipe dope.
Let me reiterate the question: Is any type of pipe dope allowed, safe and non-toxic to use on water supply pipes?

Used to use it all of the time before that new fangled teflon tape became popular in the 70s

Just ignore the lead in the old 50/50 solder that they used on the copper tubing.

Thanks Chuck, but how do we know it’s the approved type without testing?

Are you documenting defects that can be identified in a visual inspection or certifying that that house is safe from any and all past, current, future environmental health concerns? It’s a rhetorical question.

Personally, there are probably a few thousand other things that I would be concerned about before I would worry about what type of pipe dope was used on an old house.

I won’t allow that damn “teflon” tape near my projects. It is pipe dope every time.