What type of water line is this?

Came across this water line in a 1995 home, wondering if its a 1995 PE type? Dont believe its PB or kitec.


The gray pipe is PB.


PB just had this last week

can anyone tell me why you would pipe dope / telfon tape the threads of a compression fitting?! been trying to figure that out for years. sorry if i drifted but it irks me every time i see it.

Because Harry Homeowner doesn’t know any better!

PB Pipe in a 1995 home?

Most likely it was; IPEX polyethylene Pipe-with-the-Stripe
features a permanent colored stripe which enables the class and type of pipe to be easily identified, whether in storage onsite or embedded in the ground. In fact, the stripe is actually part of the pipe and will always be visible.

Notice the strips Red, and Blue.
Indicate the pressure rating and there is no evidence of the markings for PB 2110.




I’ve never run across that Marcel…thanks…You old guys rock !


uh I meant seasoned…

You mean like… “Salty”??? :shock::wink:


The nerve of the young whipper snapper lololol:mrgreen:

Was this a Manufactured home by any chance? PB was very popular in those things through about 1995.

I remember my best friend purchased a (used) 1995 Manufactured Home in another state (without the benefit of my opinion) and was pissed a few months later when she got a letter in the mail from the Manufacturer to inspecvt for, and yes, she had PB!

Yes, but highly unlikely here. Although manufactures continued to manufacture this pipe after a court order, some of it most likely trickled into the years 2004 and beyond.
The picture above does not appear to have the attributes of PB.

The most effective way of identifying polybutylene pipe is to have your plumbing inspected by a licensed professional.:slight_smile: