Pipes found in yard

Any ideas on the large pipe in the backyard? The front yard has a piece of smaller tubing that goes into a open pipe about 2 inches in diameter. Not sure if either one could be related to a oil tank under ground. Any thoughts?

gas light at front.

That is probably what it is but I would declaim it because you can’t see under ground and it is possible that it could be a buried oil tank.

Recommend verification with owner or investigation by an HVAC tech… IMHO

I just don’t have enough info to speak more confidently e.g. is there a valve in the house to shut off a connection to the house gas line? or where is it in the yard? …etc., etc.

I had a barbecue that had a mount like that once.

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Yep, another possibility, Alan. :smile:

Sometimes at the gas meter or other places in the gas line you will see a tap with the smaller line coming out of it for an old grill, light etc… I have seen these just turned off and the line pinched. I write them up if they are not properly capped.

Thanks guys for the helpful feedback!