Screw instead of nail

A house I did a Wind Mit on has 2 nails per clip. The home owner wants to know if he can use screws for the 3rd nail. Is this OK?

I would imagine if he used these SD-loadrated.gif he should be ok. :slight_smile:


there are many types of screws and some that would be more than adequate, but soon as You say screws are ok sure enough they will use drywall screws…they are cheap you know…

Then you would have to rewrite the form. Auditors wouldn’t know what to do with that.

Just hand him a positive placement nailer or a palm nailer and be done with it.

I would agree with the palm nailer

So I guess the moral of the story is to screw the nail…

I would defer to the MII, i.e., Manufacturer’s Installation Instructions.

Such hardware is designed to perform in conjunction with specific fasteners.

I don’t know of a manufacturer that has approved any types of screws. Does anybody?

Yes, I would count a screw.

Wasn’t that a moral dilemma back in the 70’s? :shock::wink:

How about a drywall screw, or deck screw or a sheet metal screw?

Don’t think I could count those. No holding power there

Simpson Strong tie does make a screw for there hangers and clips
Check it out:

Much different then a drywall screw

As shown in Marcel’s post #2 above.

Just sayin.

The next time I want to screw someone in Port St. Lucie, FL I will use Simpson SDs!