Please help identify these items

  1. Metal pipe coming out of ground - cement filled - flexible pipe in center of cement

  2. Who do these dropping belong to?

  3. What is going on with this cold water line?

  4. Is this a sewer access?

  5. Air handler in attic - straight wired is okay or requires shut off switch?

  1. Don’t know. When in doubt, call it out and call it an identified flexible pipe coming out of another pipe.
  2. Looks a little bit like bat or rat droppings, but we would probably need context and something to help identify the size to know for sure.
  3. It’s leaking. Anytime I find corrosion like this where a previous leak has occurred but it sealed itself off with the mineral content in the water, I treat it just like an active leak. I recommend the joint or valve be disassembled, cleaned and reassembled or replaced altogether.
  4. That one I don’t recognize, perhaps somebody else will be familiar with it.
  5. More context may also be needed and a better photo as well. Isn’t that a pull out disconnect?

#4 Does the house have propane for stove?
or a grease trap.

It does not

#4 old compost pit. Common back in the 20’s and 30’s.

If it’s near the curb, it may be a built in garbage can. I see them randomly, especially in condo and townehome complexes.

an in ground “old metal style” trash can holder generally installed in old wealthier type communities.

Good job Cameron, you really know your sh*t.:smiley: