Please join me in welcoming Mr. Mario Araujo Neto, our first Portugal member.

He inspects in the town of Setubal, Portugal.

Welcome Mario!

Hey Mario!

 Welcome to InterNachi! I know you will find membership in this association to be extremely beneficial. You may well have geographically specific knowledge, that would enhance our foundation of knowledge, in general. Please do not be afraid to ask questions on our message board. Most of the guys and girls,who are part of this association, are eager to share their experiences and knowledge with anyone who asks.

I would personally like to see some photos of different styles of homes, common to Portugal. You can post them on this message board, or send them to me at I’m looking forward to dialoguing with you.

Forgive me Mario!..Allow me to also welcome you, on behalf of the Canadian Association of Certified Home Inspectors ( CanNachi ), as well. We are all brothers in the global marketplace. Let us know if you ever come to Toronto,Ontario, Canada. We’ll see you get looked after.

Congrats Nick!

Welcome Mario, From Moose Jaw, Sk. Canada
Your in the right place,
Great job, Nick
keep it up

Mario, bem-vindo ao INACHI. Nós encorajamos você a tirar partido de todo o treinamento que é oferecido e para participar no fórum.

Welcome Mario!

Mario bem-vindo!

Somos umas famílias grandes de inspeções aqui e se ajuda quando temos perguntas ou outras coisas. Tão, por favor, sente-se livremente a paricipate se necessita algo ou tem que algo desse.

E, como Mike dissemos, temos lotes de treinamento aqui em NACHI ajudá-lo.

Espero vê-lo aqui.

[size=2]Sr. Mario, é um prazer ter une-se-nos e o recebe à melhor Associação de Inspeção de Casa no Mundo. [/size]
[size=2] [/size]
[size=2]Antecipamos trocar técnicas de inspeção e compartilhar os tipos de Arquiteturas diferentes e projetos. [/size]
[size=2] [/size]
[size=2]Outra vez Bem-vindo. [/size]
[size=2][/size] - Setúbal: anglers, Sao Filipe fort and the sun

](úbal: fireworks over the Sado estuary

](úbal: Manueline decoration at the convent of Jesus - architect Diogo Boitaca

]( - Setúbal: city hall

](úbal: Bocage square - Bocage statue and city hall

]( - Setúbal: statue of Manuel Maria Barbosa du Bocage, 18th century Portuguese erotic poet

](úbal: frigate F475 from fort St. Filipe

](úbal: St. Mary’s church

](úbal: St Julian’s church - Bocage square

](úbal: the city and the bay from fort St Filipe

]( - Setúbal: boat "Costa Azul"

](úbal: dolphins can fly



lol :):slight_smile:

Welcome Mario.

We are coming to your place to celebrate, so get the medeira, roasted suckling and shrimp ready.

Bienvenido Mario desde Puerto Rico, saludos

We can understand your Spanglish, why can’t you understand our Portuguese?

Welcome Mario to the best organization in the world…Next time i am in lousa i will come and visit. You will have to show me around.