Please Print to PDF Before Sending to Insurance Agents

Hello Inspectors,

If you are using a fillable form to complete you Wind Mitigations, you need to print them as PDF prior to sending them. If the fillable form is sent out, it can be altered by anyone. It also confuses the agents. (That’s how I get the call).

If anyone doesn’t know what I’m talking about or is unsure. Feel free to call or PM me.

I will be very glad to help. :smiley:

The dumb as s es call when there are secured. Almost always from citizens. I send them unalterable pdf’s without passwords “but secured” and then 4 some reason they cannot use “send” them. They think they are password protected when they are not. For the idiots at Citizens I MUST send them unsecured or they have problems. I used to send secured until I got calls every week. I stopped sending them secured and the calls stopped. I told them the problem was on their end and they do not care. Now I do not care, why should I care more than them. I keep records of originals sent so when and if a fraud issue comes up I can show what I sent client.

All PDF’s are easily altered with free to $20.00 software.

No offense intended but your request will not help you or anyone else :frowning:

Good reminder to all.
PDF redirect works good and is free.

I guess I do not fall under that catagorie because I take any pdf fillable or not then save as pdf and have problems whenever I secure them ewhich according to the program keeps them from being edited. I had to stop because Citizens kept telling me they were password locked and they were not.

Sorry if I gave bad advice. The reason I started securing them in the first place was because a insurance guy said folks could edit them but then I asked him if he could save it and he could not. It seems no matter what they have a problem.

Ok now bring on all the guys that say they NEVER have problems because they are professionals and only deal with professional insurance pros as well. Al that kumbaya crap

You are confusing securing the open document with a password, with printing the document using a pdf driver.
When you print with a pdf driver, like Neevia Technologies Docuprint, it automatically locks the document, just as if you printed it out on paper.
Since I have Adobe Professional, it comes with a print driver, so I just use that. It also reduces the file size at the same time.

Jay and Eric are correct, print to pdf before sending. All secured documents can be hacked and changed.

If you do not understand then you should be calling someone who does.

[quote=“jshishilla, post:6, topic:78314”]

All secured documents can be hacked and changed.


Is there a difference between print to PDF and save as PDF?

Is there a difference between print to PDF and save as PDF?

Absolutely yes

Way to look out for your fellow inspectors Jay.
Much appreciated!

My personal tip: I send a BCC email to a business alternate email address to show
save a time stamped/unedited report to CYA. You never know with all these PDF editing software, where there is a will there is a way! =)

I like that tip. Never thought of doing that with a report.

Another tip.
Have two copies of the inspection report. One, which you can go back and edit, the other, the printed out pdf version, which is the one you send.

I have seen some reports that have blank pages, 8, 9, and 10 in some instances. Just print the pages you want to send.
The last page of my report is page 11 and has a copy of my license and certificate. I may only have 3 pages of pictures, so, I would print pages 1-7,11 when you go to the print dialog box.

Anyone can alter any form with the will and some work, just like paper.
I get a call a few times a year about some moron in the Tampa area using my form with my license and name on it. He is too stupid to change the phone number.


That is exactly what I do (email is one of our CYA) every inspection gets emailed (If they say they dont have an email I email the agent and send the customer a printed copy of the report) As a side note remember to back up your outlook. Everything can be modified in this age of advanced software…

What is Outlook? :mrgreen:

I use gmail which comes with 5gb of storage. All completed pdf versions of my inspections, automatically go to the cloud backup. If I need to look up a report, I can do it from my phone. I can also send a report in its original form, locked, if need be.

Filxed. :wink:



Side Question. Do you send the wind mit report directly to the insurance agents or do you provide them to the home owner?

I know it is a newbie question…

I send it to the home owner with instructions.