Wind Mit Form

This is the official form, yes?
OIR-B1-1802.pdf (54.1 KB)

I saw that information as well but I was told that that is not what citizen’s is accepting do to some legality. At least that is what the guy I talked to at the Florida meeting said. I just checked their site and they are still listing rev (07/07) the 2 page form. Do you have any idea why?

Please see link

I just came from my insurance agent and they will only accept the new form

this one - OIR-B1-1802.pdf (54.1 KB)?

I have had a few say that as well. I have been making sure each customer tells me what form they need so I do not have to go back for free. I am doing the old ones cheaper than the new one and there seems to be much confusion with the different agencies.

Ben, what about my question referring to citizens and their website?

no idea


That is the one.

thank you


have you been to the citizen’s website? They do not appear to be accepting that form yet. If they are they are not telling anyone. Please see the link above.

My sources tell me citizens is not taking new form yet and universal is only taking the new form. My sources also tell me that universal is next on chopping block?

thanks dennisthat is also what I am hearing.

You guys know that there are four insurance compnaies closing there doors within the next 60 days.


Good evening Guys. I do a high volume of wind mitigation inspections (roughly 20 a week) and was told today by three insurance agent offices that starting tomorrow, April 22nd, they will only take the new form.

The OIR has an effective rule date of 4-21-2010 so I believe this will require Citizens to take the new form. From what I understand the carriers can still except the old forms if the chose but they will be required to take the new starting the 22nd.

Thanks for the info. Are you charging more for the four page form? I have been having the customers verify and tell me what form to use to avoid confusion and have been able to charge more for the new form so far. What area do you work in?

If anyone needs a “fill able” form in PDF shoot me an email. Some of the fields are type once and then fill all pages.

Thats awful nice, it took me about 2 hours to create mine. what software are you using.

Adobe 9 Standard

I bet that cost a pretty penny. What does that go for?