Please Protect Your Eyes

Last week I was entering an attic area and a contractor inquired about my face mask and filters. He was wondering why I was not wearing eye protection when going into the attic area. I explained that I have always worn a mask to filter out organics etc. and have never had a problem. He went on to tell me about a co-worker of his that lost an eye because he refused to wear eye protection when re-mediating for mold.

None of us would be in business if we lost our vision.

After that inspection I ordered one of these.

full face mask.jpg

Coincidence or not Vince but I was just looking into getting something very similar to yours this past weekend and held off. I think I’ll order one this evening. Thanks for posting.


Smooth move I have always wore a mask since I found out one of our Home Inspectors was in the hospital from breathing Bat dung .

Can be very dangerous .

Vince where and how much. I have the military version at home will that work? :slight_smile:

also at Home Depot

Thanks for the links guys, I think I am going to pick one up. I do have eye protection and a respirator, but that mask looks nice.


Did he explain about the molds effect on that guy’s eye?

There is risk involved in virtually every aspect of life. Decide which risk you find acceptable and which you don’t. For those you don’t find acceptable, don’t do that activity or abate the risk.

My thoughts too. ??? I think remediating mold and looking around are two diffferent animals.
I think I’ll stick to my naked eyes.

I wonder it you could use it in the high heat areas or if it would fog up.

When i started playing paintball 20 years ago the masks would fog up just while running around outside. I could not imagine what it would do in a hot humid Florida attic.

Does anyone from Florida use on and please describe what you think about it.
I want protection but am not sure if I could use it it the heat.

I need an A/C suit please let me know when you guys see one of them. :smiley:

The mask does not fog up as the mouth/nose area is separated by the seal shown as the blue area.

Thought you were quitting Home Inspection and taking a desk job.