full face respirators

What do you guys use or like? Was thinking of ordering this one to use for a number of things


I only used a 1/2 face for all attic inspections .
I think we still have a lot of inspectors who do not even wear a mask
I never felt I needed a full face cost about $20;00 Remember to get a set of spare filters … Roy

here is one like used

That what i use now, never use to till my eyes started to get swelled for 2 days from dirty crawl, Lesson learned wear it keep it maintained

So you have the one I posted? Did you try any others? Is it comfy? I have a couple half face ones that I don’t “like to use” even though I should be ( of the benefits of using one)

Use a 1/2 face. I find the full faced to be hard to breath. JMHO:D

I have both a full face mask and a 1/2 mask mainly because of eye problems. I made sure both take the same filters and I carry them on my contractor jobs all the time. I guess when I get the inspection game off the ground they will shift over to that. My 1/2 mask is great for the majorit of sites, but I was happy I had the full face for working in an attic with blown insulation it made a huge difference. Only hurt was my full face mask is custom fit and was over $250 compared to 1/2 mask at $30.

I like mine and it is the same one. I used to be a firefighter so i was use to wearing full face , you get use to it , However it may feel like your out of breath if you start breathing to hard gauge yourself . I suggest you get use to it a little before doing a crawl space and attic .

Great full or 1/2 can save you from Bat dung it is deadly .
Many more home Inspectors are now starting to wear a mask .

Roy it was my eyes taking the beating made me wear it
on your back with crap dropping down on you , everyone forgets the eyes but without them your just a white cane inspector.

I wear prescription safety glasses and have had no problems .Lucky I guess .

Thanks, going to order it tommorrow and give it a whirl…I don’t mind not wearing one for a “quick glance” every few months but if I am going to do anything for any kind of extended ( 5+ minutes) time period I am going overkill when it comes to me :slight_smile:

We use North half and full face masks. www.JonDon.com

You really should get fit tested.


For most of what Home Inspection involves,
a Dust / Mist respirator is all that is needed…

If you are doing any type of work that you feel Half Face / Full Respirator/ Supplied Air is involved, you need a facial hair policy as well as annual fit testing / compliance with Federal Regulations as well as Health Monitoring of all Employees (Past / Present)… due to potential of Future Workmen s Compensation Claims…

I should not be taken lightly…

Federal Fit Test Requirement is Annual and must be Certified.

Maybe different now…
When I was subjected to fit testing, it was within a chamber, in the presence of a known noxious / intolerable gas to test your susceptibility. Maybe testing has changed over the years…