Please sign the petition & contact your member of Congress to

get the USAF next gen Tanker built HERE in the USA by Boeing & NOT overseas by Airbus. These planes will be built using OUR tax dollars and we must demand that they be built in America by American workers!!

Although many of us have different political opinions, this is something that I think we can all agree on.


To sign the petition & contact your member of Congress - go here.

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I guess one thread isn’t enough. :roll:

Done. This is a no-brainer.

Airbus is new to the tanker business. The Airbus tanker is based on the A330 commercial airplane which, according to the U.S. Government, was designed and built using $5 billion in illegal subsidies provided by multiple European governments. Illegal subsidies to Airbus have** resulted in the loss of tens of thousands of U.S. aerospace jobs.**

A Boeing designed and built tanker will support approximately 50,000 jobs at large and small companies throughout the U.S. Given our nation’s economic challenges, the U.S. Government must leverage every taxpayer dollar to create and support jobs here in America. The right investment for our national and economic security is the American-made Boeing tanker.

Wow Chris. Directly from the sign the petition site without attribution. :roll:

I’ll believe you guys when you stop buying anything from China.

How do you know what I buy? This is definitely apples to oranges.

It is?

You are whining about the loss of “American jobs”.

Now I happen to believe a decent case could be made for imposing tariffs on goods produced in China because they are not under the environmental and wage restrictions that we are in this country. But that is another conversation.

Do you have any idea how many jobs we have exported to China?

Chris…no matter what you do it will be wrong in Mikey’s eyes…

I point out inconsistencies in someone’s arguments.

Get over it.

You are welcome to point out mine.

All of this from a guy who defends a person “unknowingly” employed an illegal immigrant for 9 years at $23 an hour…LMAO…

I was not too sure I would sign the petition, but since Mikey is against it. I know signing the petition is the right thing to do.

Glad I could help you decide.

It will amount to nothing.