Is this material allowed for the use of a drainage trap. It looks to be OK. Normally see either PVC or stainless.

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Hi Dave

I may be wrong but isn’t that the top part of washing machine discharge hose??

It sure is not acceptable in that location, I am guessing that they were having difficulty getting standard rigid piping to fit so threw that hose in there.



Look at this link:


Is this acceptable with the IRC & UPC plumbing codes. Seems like a decent product.

Nice web link. I would say you got it.

Here is a question that was in a MR. FIX IT How to operate your home.

Q.How many fixtures can be served by a 1/2 inch copper line?

I would think this would depend on the IRC & UPC tables. Pressure & length of pipe would determine. Am I correct.

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Good one John, I have never seen that fitting thanks for the link. I also wonder whether it is code compliant



Nice link John, thanks.

I saw one of these before, and had to look it up–then. Looks like it belongs on an automobile radiator or washer machine!!!

I believe it has an ICC Legacy report attached, so it appears to be legit!


Home Depot sells them here but I think theirs is black.

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