Plywood Gussets

Modular home built 1971. Roof structure appears to be site built trusses. Any opinions on the use of plywood gussset plates?




It will be interesting to hear what others say. You have to consider that it’s been OK for nearly 40 years. Everything looked plumb and at least their system was consistent at each truss.

I agree Joe it has worked for this long, And if it was a modular it should have been approved at one time.

It is typical manufactured home construction and, unless there is evidence to the contrary, it appears adequate.

Typical here also

· **Further Evaluate: **The roofs trusses are homemade meaning these were not designed by an engineering firm consequently do not come with any guarantees of performance. We recommend that you consult with a structural engineer to confirm their integrity.

They didn’t consult an engineer 40 years ago. Why now???

What would you say about the roof truss construction of this modular; built in 1980, that I inspected last week?

is this a trick question?

No… at least I hope not. :slight_smile:


Keep in mind that where I am there is snow load to consider and I’ve reported on many homemade trusses with wood gussets that failed. I also see engineered trusses on 1960 homes where the metal gussets are separating / loose.

I don’t know if it snow’s where John is but it did in a lot of areas where it usually doesn’t this past winter…

  • The plywood gussets typically mean non-engineered trusses. Recommend SI
  • The 2x6 bracing under each of the ridges was not built by someone familiar with standard building practices. Poor quality work
  • A combustion vent terminates in the attic

In addition to Ken’s comments no H-Clips, poor attic ventilation not to mention insulation…

H-clips probably weren’t required when this was built, Marcel.
In CA, we never had to install any until about 1985, and even then that was an architects call. They’re still not required in a number of areas.

I’ve seen this type of truss connection several times in the older homes. They’re fine.


You’ve got issues there Buddy. Did you report it as such?