Poly Butylene years

what year did they stop installing PB (Canada) 1995 I thought.

The latest or newest house we found in San Diego with PB is 1994.

Sorry had to repost, messed it up, the house is a 1998 construction which is what is throwing me off, here is an image.

Last made in 1994 I think



Thanks Roy, I read a little of the Shell Busey and the years are appropriate to what I thought, which is what bothers me, this house is a 1998 construction with PB throughout, obviously builders were still using it, is there no actual date when they were suppose to stop installing, looks like a further evaluation on my report by a qualified licensed plumber. another pic

Here it was 1996, however, if the house had a permit application prior, then it was used and I have found it in homes that were completed in 1999.

Canada may be different.


Thanks all, report was sent this morning with a PB narrative and recommendation for further evaluation, I need to sleep at night.

Too much referring in reports these days. Recommend replacement, IMHO.