QEST piping

I found this QEST piping in a home today. I have never come across this before. From searching the forum and the internet it appears that this is the type that had issues. Qest-e-pb2110. See photo. I just want to be sure before I call it out. Thanks in advance



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Polybutylene 2110
Educate yourself on it, then the client. Nachi has an inspection article discussing it.
Oh and the quick answer is, its no longer made and has a known history of issues. Most plumbers will advise full re-pipe of the home.

Also, most insurance companies wont insure a home with PB piping.

In Florida. The rest of the country don’t matter much. TN could care less.

Matters here in San Diego, Southern California, and, I suspect, in all of California.

It’s starting to spread like wildfire and insurance companies are catching on.

Lawsuits have been filed on this crap since the 80s so it is far from starting to spread like wildfire. It started over 30 years ago…

A local TV station wanted to do an article on this stuff. I told him all about it, he investigated it, never heard back. A few days later, I called him, and he said that his producer did not want to do the article, because it was so prevalent here in KC that he did not want to alarm the public. See it about once a week. Now that the lines have been in use awhile, issues are becoming more common. If you see it, recommend re-pipe, let the buyer decide. Print off several copies of the InterNACHI article to hand out. Email me, and I can send you PDF copies of what I hand out when I see it.