Pool guru needed

Need help in identifying this. I think it is an anti vortex cover…however it is located in the skimmer below the basket.

thanx in advance…

pool skimmer anti vortex.jpg


nothing to do with vortex, anti entrapment VGBA

regulates flow usaully for vacuuming purposes but also for proper surface cleaning

learn something new everyday…thanx Barry. So it’s primary function is to close off the skimmer when the water gets too low.

yep, good catch, i forgot to mention equalizer closes at low level so all suction flow is diverted through main drain to avoid equipment damage

Not an euqalizer!!! It’s a low water protection for the skimmer. if the water is too low the float drops shutting the skimmer down to prevent loss of prime. An equalizer would vari the flow not stop it. This part is only full open or full closed.

sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner but this event in Melbourne is n on stop!!!

Let me clarify my last post. The item pictured is indeed “called” an equalizer by the manufacturer but that is not the function it serves. As I said above it is either open or closed. BTW: the system should work with or with out it in place.

thanx Larry…barry Adair from Texas answered , but his post disappeared.


The equalizer is required when the main drain(s) are not run directly back to the circulation pump. Instead, only the skimmer has a suction line back to the circulation pump and the main drain line(s) are run to the bottom of the skimmer. The equalizer takes the place of the skimmer and main drain gate valves at the circulation pump. There is a small adjustable flap on the bottom of the equalizer (not shown in your photo) which you can rotate to adjust the amount of suction on the skimmer or turn of the skimmer completely off. Should the water level go below the skimmer, the float valve will close and water will be drawn from the main drain.

If you take the skimmer basket out and there is no equalizer and you see two suction lines and there is no main line drain at the pump, then you should indicate a equalizer valve is required.