Pool Inspectors Florida

So I was on the DBPR last night, and I came across Pool Inspector Licensed in Florida https://www.myfloridalicense.com/CheckListDetail.asp?SID=&xactCode=1030&clientCode=5024&XACT_DEFN_ID=4580

So my question is, as licensed HI in Florida, and all the other issues related to pool incidents, Can HI preform pool inspections as an ancillary service. Seems like according to the DBPR we can’t.

Now my thought is to sub this out. This is not worth getting caught or sued over. I thought this may have been for Commercial Pool Inspectors, but it states residential.

So my question, is this a license for the pool inspector to sign off of the permit, or does this pertain to pool inspections in general. Should we be preforming inspections, Now I can find leaks on the pipes coming and going to the pump. But when it comes to electrical and pool walls, I should be finding someone to preform this during my home inspection. That way if something goes wrong I don’t get blamed.

I really would like to know. This would be a good topic of discussion.:smiley:

If you click the more information tab, its for building code official inspections, doesn’t relate to us. You’re overthinking things.

Lol… just what I thought was for building inspectors and permitting. Wanted to make sure.