Porch bought America's Call Center

Formal announcement with details coming tomorrow morning.

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Man, am I feeling fortunate that I am retired, now. Gobbling up it all… :wink:

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I received a phone call and email today about this.
I have have asked Paul a couple obvious questions about my clients information and will post here after I get answers.

Porch is trying to take over the industry.

How long until they buy ASHI?

I bet they can get it for a steal!

Porch available in Canada?

So how long until Porch starts buying up inspection companies and starts flooding the market with “Free” home inspections?

Is this something to be overly concerned about?

No. No money in doing free inspections. The repair leads and alarm leads aren’t even worth $25 these days.

The home inspection profession should ban together and refuse to be employed by anyone, it’s our skilled labor they need and we should do our best to starve them out. An independent family owned shop can generate more than enough revenue to live very comfortably without whoring our skills to some outsider.


Time for a union.

If there was no money in the leads, why is Porch spending millions of dollars to acquire them?

Their entire business model is based on repair leads.

Do you think we’re seeing a race/competition between Porch & RWS to obtain inspection related businesses?

So I’ve had some correspondence with Paul concerning the sharing of our client information and below is a quote that is the gist of the conversation.

"Porch will not have access to your information in our system without your permission. For example, they own ISN and do not access your information in your ISN because you have not given them permission to do so. Same thing here."

I’ve been doing business with Paul & ACC for almost 10 years now and have always found him to be honest & sincere and I have no reason to doubt anything he tells me.

So for the foreseeable future, I plan on staying with ACC.

Until I saw this I didn’t even know about PORCH or ACC. I have heard ISN before but didn’t know they were part of porch. Do many of you use these companies? I am just starting out.

I have used them both for close to 10 years.

Although when I first started out I did it all myself.

Kevin, Thanks for the reply. Do they charge per report? Guess I better read up on them.

ACC has different tiers for different prices, depending on how much you want them to do. Pricing - America’s Call Center

ISN charges $4.00 per inspection. ISN Pricing - Inspection Support Network

Many thanks, I will look into it. So much to figure out.