This is a proch from the other day. The rear of the porch had settled and allowed water to pour into the wood framing. Which had rotted. Also the seperation on the block of the porch, total mess.


porch (1).JPG


:wink: like this?

More like this…


Did the license plate get lost from the third picture and the first picture or has it been digitally removed .
I see right hand drive so if this is North America where is it .
Roy Cooke… Royshomeinspection.com

You got to love them Toyotas. To still be running and looking like that is amazing. Use to see them in Hawaii that had so much rust you could see completely thru the car but still chugging down the H-1 expressway. And they weren’t smoking or burning oil either.

I thought this post was about porches not porshes