Pornography on CanNACHI website

The pornographic postings on the CanNACHI website gives reason to suspect that there is no one in charge any longer - and that it is overdue to close the website accessible to the public** immediately** to protect that little bit of recognition Canadian home inspectors have still left.

Rudolf Reusse - Home Inspector since 1976 - Retired

I went through the site. There was no porn anywhere. There was a single post in the message board about buying prescription drugs but that was it.

Sure you didn’t get your brower windows mixed up? :wink:

This is absolutely no good without an address or a link. :wink:

Yes Yes, It’s time to join CanNachi!! Where do I remit payment to??

The site has been cleaned up. CanNachi strives to offer an easily accessable website and as such security breaches can happen from time to time. We will continue to monitor this situation and unwanted posts will be removed if they continue to show up.

Get Real!

We all know CanNachi is a farce!

Where are all these members we have been told exist? No membership listing despite repeated assurances.

A BOD which also doubles as a teachers for Inspect 4U inspector school.

I banned the idiots from Russia ,sorry Sean :wink:

That’s OK. Not like there is a shortage of it out there anyway

Not to worry Sean. I just signed you up for the “Ultimate Russian Porn” website. You won’t run out now. :wink:

It’s even happened here, tho, quite inadvertently.

And did Sarah Palin see this from her window?

Most likely Gilles, She sees all . So look out My northern Neighbors . Hide your elk, deer ,and bear.PSST just a heads up she uses a helicopter to hunt.

In fairness it is almost a full time job for our I.T. guru to keep that sort of stuff off our web site over at;

not to be rude rudolf, but you complained when you were a working inspector, now your retired and your still complaining about an indusrty that you no longer work in, then you complain because people that are working in the industry do not catch a porn pic on a site that gets an average of 500 BS hits daily that need to be removed each and every day 24/7 365 and is done by volenteers, and you have the gaul to say close it down cause it did what, proved that there are dip wads living in other countrys attacking any and all websites.
we can take care of it, and we will, were going to make it a membership only website so non members can not post at all.
That will solve all your problems except that you your self will no longer be able to post as your not a member.
Then to top it off, you scramble to post it here that theres porn there.
If you are truly that concerned maybe you could have called or sent an email . possible even reported the post which would have notified a moderator to the offensive post. NO you didn’t you posted here to try to cause an issue.
And you wonder why the canadian inspection industry is in such disarray, every one is looking how they can stab another association, inspector, person and dog in the back. You sir and all that think you did the right thing are pittyful and the cause of downslide in this industry.
Glad your retired now go find a life and do something positive with what time you have, like golf, checkers, tele tubbies or polka dot door.

WOW! Rudolf sure got Billie’s attention .
Rudolf has great info and ideas .
He told what he felt and saw .
It looks to me like he is correct The Cannachi forum has died there is hardly any posts .
Some one got the idea to filter the posting and it looks dead to me .
I see nothing posted about CANNACHI so I have zero idea if there is an active association .
So sad CANNACHI looked good .

CanNachi is alive and well. We have active inspectors that don’t have time to sit on message boards all day. 11,311 posts tells me that you’re bored Roy.

Well Not in The least I have no time to be bored I try and share My knowledge and help all home Inspectors .
It is unfortunate that you feel this way.
I do hope your business does as well as we do .
I am Glad to hear CANNACHI is doing well and I do hope it continues on .
It is obvious you visit the NACHI site to see how many posts I have made . I do see you are looking frequently at the NACHI site .
It is sad that more CANNACHI members do not try and share their knowledge and help our industry.

Having been actively engaged in the home inspection business since 1976 - one does not stop caring about the public image of an industry one has been involved in for 34 years.

Any entity or person who operates a publicly accessible website to address or to promote home inspection related issues - has in my view - a moral obligation to uphold certain standards.

After I have read Mr. DeVries’ lengthy criticism about my posting - I have revisited his CanNACHI Message Board one more time. It was a relief to find out that very few people actually visiting his website anymore - and that the displayed pornographic pictures had therefore little or no impact.

Rudolf REUSSE - Home Inspector since 1976 - Retired.

It is such a shame that you equate activeness with posts on a message board. Have you ever thought that there may be lots of activity going on that has nothing to do with a message board? Maybe just maybe some are actually too busy doing inspections to be on the message board, or that there are talks going on at levels that will not be published on message boards, or how about phone calls and conversations conveying information. I remember when you were amazed when Cannachi was accepted and approved to issue licenses in BC, because we kept our mouths shut and just moved forward for our members.
To Roy and crew, were still here moving forward, the difference is nothing, were not discussing our direction nor advances with you. Why, because you’re not a member, if you spent the effort you do in trying to post all the dirt of people and actually sat down and methodically attempted to put forth a plan to aid and help the industry that would be beneficial, we all have heard and seen the " remember whistler" so lets move forward and “remember Roy”.
It’s time that you fellas started to post positive proactive approaches to make it better, time to put your money where your mouths are and begin working for solutions and ways to bring the inspectors together, a set standard we Canadians can call our own, one where it takes our country and building practices into consideration. Ethics that we can all be proud to follow, standards that set us as professionals.
******** and badgering all whom try to move forward only keeps wounds open and festering, its time to apply some medical attention to this industry and look for a cure to its ailments.
I am sure that lots of people would post but do not because of the onslaught that will follow from the three amigos. Truthfully that why I very seldom post anymore, the rants and crap that follows is tiresome and wearing. I had big hopes for this industry, but have seen how a handful of people have done everything in their power to dismay, sidetrack and derail the association’s ability to move in positive directions.

WOW now Roy has got the attention of Billie .
Glad to hear you are doing so well all other companies and associations seem to let others know how well they are doing .
Strange why CANNACHI is so secretive like $%&^* .
Carry on and I am also glad you choose to visit the NACHI site and tell us how great CANNACHi is ,Glad for you but some how some thing does not Balance .