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With the release of Inspectvue 4, Porter Valley Software is pleased to offer the previous “Classic” version at a greatly reduced price. Take a look, compare, and make an informed decision: http://www.pvsoftware.com/inspectvue_compare.shtml

Hi Keith,
I have upgraded to the InspectVue 4, the speed and changes are awesome… I am usually resistant to change, but I really like the new format and increased photo capacity.

Is there any way to increase the resolution for the photos? I know that if the resolution was not reduced, the report file size would be HUGE… probably over 20 mb, and would exceed server/email restrictions. If you have any advice… on this let me know.

Its really funny with technology, we all get spoiled… I get frustrated with the email servers and how they restrict file sizes, etc. etc. They need to start increasing their server sizes to keep up with our wants and desires to send larger files, etc.


Go to your setup for adoby. In there you can set the size of the file. Just select the smallest file size. It will normally reduce the file size to around 1/2 meg.

Thanks for the info. I will try that…

What is the reduced price? I am VERY price conscious at this point - am considering the full software package but hesitant to use Inspectvue. I’m looking at alternatives with greater tracking capabilities in office management, realtor results and editing capabilities.

InspectVue… Best investment ever “earned”. I have used InspectVue software since 2004, and it is the best software on the market. I endorse the software so much, I am an authorized dealer for Porter Valley. The tech support is awesome, report software is awesome, and it is the best inspection software in the market.

As an authorized dealer for Porter Valley Software, I can sell you the Program for $845.00 if you or anyone else is interested…

Free to give me a call if you have any questions, or visit my website to see a sample inspection report at: http://www.americandreamhomeinspection.net

(949) 331-2602

this software does seem quite easy to use ,however its a little pricey

there are a couple of crea inspectors pushing their software its called inspect and report from what i am hearing if you want to be a beta tester for the software they willprovide you with the software and a laptop which you pay them 25.00 dollars amonth for the laptop and software plus tech support 24/7

Do not use PV myself, many complaints from present/former users. You may want to search message board more. Here is recent thread.

Porter Valley Software???/

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Get in the habit of watching the message board daily at 3AM (that seems to be the time period when Nick gives a full blown version away for a daily door prize.) Good luck!

I bought InspectVue in 2004; I think I was or am one of the Last InspectVue users out there. My Home inspection reporting Software went down on March 29th, 2024. I called PVS Customer Support, and they informed me that they no longer support their software! I was told that there is a A big Update coming in October — I said, do I just shut down my Home Inspection business until October (6 months)? Then I was asked if I wanted to pay the $500 annual support fee Ofcource I said Hell No! They charged my card on file anyway - they must be really hurting for money.

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That’s crazy, and scary, especially since you’ve been with them since 2004.

I hope you find a suitable solution soon Nick.

I have been using inspectvue since 2002, and they said my licensed has expired and they will not offer any support, I have a error code 55 , does anybody no how to fix this issue?