Possible asbestos vent duct?

Is this asbestors? This is venting the water heater in the garage.
What would be the write up ?


If you think it is, federal law requires you to assume that it is, until the suspect material is tested. I would say by looking at the metal, it is past it’s prime anyway. The easiest solution is to have it tested.

Yes. It’s a Transite pipe, which is a known asbestos-containing-material.

The heat vent includes a Transite pipe, which is comprised of a solid, cement-like material that is known to contain asbestos fibers. Admittedly, these fibers could not easily escape from within the material, but the majority of heat vents, and certainly those that pass through attics, are required to be double-walled, or Type-B. Due to the fact that an imperceptible crack in a single-walled vent pipe could result in a fire, we recommend that the Transite pipe be replaced with a modern double-walled steel type.

thanks everybody