Post Tension Anchors In Middle of Beam

Has anyone ever seen this? Some anchors around the interior perimeter of the garage are just floating in space in the middle of the beams. I know there are other issues in the pictures, but this is the main thing that I am not familiar with.

For your question, Yes it is fine. Probably an add tendon.

Do you have the PT shop drawings showing where the tendons should go or the structural drawings showing the calculations the engineer is expecting in that area?

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I don’t. I asked for them, but haven’t received them. I talked with someone else that said this should be ok with an elevation change. It is on an interior beam with an elevation change from the garage to the house. He said it was in the PTI manual on page 19.

Refer to the builder for declaration prior purchase. Post Tensioning and Pre Tension.
Best referral advice I can offer at the moment.

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