Vinyl over cement backer board?

This bathroom floor looked to shiny to be ceramic flooring to me. When I pulled the register up and took a closer look it appeared to be vinyl floor over cement backer board. I believe this was part of a major renovation project in 99’ on this house. Can anyone look at this picture and verify whether I have this right or not? Thanks.


Can’t tell, but from what I can see, looks like vinyl over plywood

I was thinking those fiber strands along that front edge were from a cement backer board. The image is a little misleading. It was like a 1/4" thick right there.

It looks like vinyl to me, a simple tap with a coin should verify the material. Vinyl will make a dud like sound where as tile should be more of an obvious pingy sound…

there was a 2x2 mosaic tile that looked just like that…it came on mesh sheets about 12x12 which would explain the fiber at the edge and it was about 1/4" thick…

I am going to say ceramic tile sheets (grouted and sealed) on 1/4" cement board.

Was the grout line rough or smooth? Easy way to tell if tile or vinyl.

What difference does it make? Just asking!
Is there an issue?

OLD Jim may be onto something
irregular edges are the tell…even the most incompetent hack doesn’t cut vinyl that way

I typically note the flooring type in my report. I just read through a copy of the sellers disclosure and it mentioned the flooring as carpet and laminate. I just missed making a note of it after I took the picture.

Agree, those are 1x1 porcelain tile sheets on mesh laid in this set on plywood.

Blow it up and see. :slight_smile:

Yep, I don’t see cement board either after blowing it up, but looks more like 2x2 porcelain mosaic tile.

Could be 2x2 and that would make the floor register 14" long which is fairly long.

I blew up the picture, not cement board.

Looks like medium density fiberboard or particle board, not plywood. I saw no plys.