Pre Inspection agreement beginning

I have just been certified in Alabama as a Home Inspector and beginning work.

InterNACHI has several templates for agreements for many areas. I going to start out doing just basic home inspections without radon, pools mold etc.

Which combined templates would you recommend for a good starting pre inspection agreement as I begin. Or if there is any verbiage that I could add

that would increase my protection.

As time goes on I am sure I will adjust my agreement as I grow but would like to start with a strong starting agreement.

Any advice or suggestions you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

I prefer the Plain English Agreement

Same here…

Depending on who you use for insurance I use the Nachi affiliated group and they sent me the attorney drafted one state specific for me.

Same for me. I use the InterNACHI insurance, and I got the agreement drafted by their attorney for my state.

Go to You can purchase a contract specific to your state. The attorney who owns this business is part of council with Internachi. Very reasonably priced for an attorney drawn contract that you can use over and over. When I started, my insurance company wanted to see my PIA and there was no issue since they they were familiar with these contracts. Good luck.