Wind Mit fee

I just had a call shopping for prices - said they had a quote for $85 for a wind mit. I told her I couldn’t beat that. I wished her luck and asked her to call when she needed anything in the future…

Get those too. I think some customers really spend alot of time tryng to figure out how to low ball everybody. In the end they might be more aggravation than they are worth anyway. I would tell them to call the 85 guy back and hopefully he will deal with any issue that arises after the sale.

Must have been the same lady that called me. :shock:

I asked her a few questions, gave her some information and next Monday, after a few documents have been obtained. I’ll be doing her wm for more than double the $85.00 quote.


yeah we know you wooo the women down there

No, just took a job from someone who was selling price. And, I didn’t need a marketing book to do it.

I tell them the same thing… my price is higher and here’s why… if you only want a cheap price go with the other guy. I close about 90% of the price shoppers.

I close 90% of my home inspection and 4-point shoppers shoppers but the wind mits and roof certs are a bit tougher. They must think you don’t have to be to sharp to do wind mits and the less you know the better off they are. Of course we turn that around on them regarding re-inspections etc.

I’ve had 2 people say their insurance agent has someone that will do it for $60!!!

the nearly homeless HI’s are selling them for $40 here. the nearly homeless agents ask them to throw in a roof cert while they are already there. notice many larger agencies are only referring ID as they are tired of the hassle.

7000 new HI’s, most with 3 days of training, the end is in sight for wind mit and roof inspections by HI’s…wonder what the price for a HI will be next year? My bet is $99.95.

Doubt that…Prices in my area are through the roof for HI’s. I do a ton and am always told the other local companies are $100-150 higher.

I had an agent tell me they got quoted $550 for a 2000sq ft townhouse. The price was for the HI, wind mit, and termite. I couldn’t sleep at night charging those rates, but I’ll never do a stand alone wind mit for $60…

With all due respect: Depending on the age and condition of the home (i.e bank repo) I would be very close to the price that you could not sleep over. My time on the site and report writing would be close to 5hrs on a home in poor condition not to mention my overhead, travel time, time on site with the client or telephone explaining the report and findings. So I have no problem at all charging that price. The value our company gives is priceless and we charge accordingly.

PS. I’m not new to this business almost 20 yrs now!

You should not be able to sleep if you charge less.

Home inspections do not get anywhere NEAR what they are worth. That is why I do not like doing them.