Private well, in the city for Buyer with a VA loan

I was asked late this morning today, if I could inspect a private water well, for the buyer. It is the sole source of the home water supply and they are getting a VA loan. It’s located in a city in the state of Missouri and ~400 feet away from a Railroad line.

I’ve talked to a couple of people that have done VA loans with private well water and have not come up with a consensus and of course the inspection is Tuesday (tomorrow) May 25, 2021. I’ve been told just measure the flow rate (5-gallon bucket time) and general serviceable condition. But I also was told to also collect water samples for analysis of E. Coli & Fecal Coliform. I’ve located a laboratory that can do most any water analysis I need - so fortunately that’s been checked off.

Anybody have anything very similar to what I’ve described ?


I would steer him to a water well company for this. There is much more to be aware of than E. Coli & Fecal Coliform. JMHO


They probably want the well water tested not the well. All the VA loans I have done want Coliform, e-coli, nitrite, nitrate and lead tested.