VA Loan

In the course of a VA loan inspection a water test is required for bacteria. In the past have always used the Health Dept. Anyone ever use a pro lab kit that provides instant results? can’t find any info stating the standards to which that sample should be taken.

This is who I use.

I would check with the VA to see what they accept.
What’s next, DNA samples?:roll:

You know the Government is all about red tape

Thanks for the replies. Been doing these every so often. Picking up the collection kit from the Health Dept and then getting it back to them in a timely manner can be drag. I see where Pro Lab has the kit and offer an optional lab test also. I think this may be the way to go when short on time and it’s not as expensive and covers me with third party testing.

If they accept ProLab, I’d go with that as I know they deliver quickly.

Was this a well water test?

Yes a well. As defined by the VA a water source not connected to a public supply.

Never heard of such in CA.

Now it all makes sense!
They have been doing that for years. Some conventional lenders also want one done when the house is supplied with well water.