Professional Inspector training

I was a carpenter for 13 years and now I am training to be an inspector using internachi. I am reading on the Trec page that internachi is acceptable but it says for the 90 hour pre licensure. Does that mean that Internachi is not accepted for training all the way to professional inspector ? I am almost to the 90 hours here on internachi and just wondering if I will need to go to a school to get to professional inspector ?

Galen, where in TX are you located?

You are correct, you will need to go to a school if you want to become a Pro-inspector.
The 90 hours is to become a Real Estate Inspector, which means you will have to work under a professional inspector.
In order to become a pro. Inspector you have multiple ways:

  • You have been a Real Estate Inspector for at least 12 months, have 175 inspections under your belt and take 128 classroom hours. (Three tier progression method)
  • Taking a total of 328 hours of core inspector education +
    a: 120 hours of hands on modules (pretty much classroom training)
    b: 120 hours inspecting with another pro-inspector eligible to sponsor
    c: 5 years of personal experience related to home inspection (you will need documentation to provide the proof with affidavits etc…) (Education/experience Alternative method, which they used to call FastTrack)

Call me if you have any questions

I am in Dallas, had a few real estate broker friends talk me into doing this as they knew my background and knew that I was looking to make a change from being a carpenter.

ohh and btw ty for answering my question.

You are welcome. There are many good inspectors in the DFW area who are on this forum and few good schools you can attend. Most will do online class for the 328 hours. You might be able to get 5 years experience validated instead of the having to take the inclass course.