Reminder: Tomorrow all past-due members will be removed from all NACHI websites.

By sometime tomorrow, all past-due members will be made invisible on all NACHI websites such as:

and sister sites such as:

Within 30 days (or sooner) of being made invisible, past-due members will be deleted completely from NACHI’s membership roles. With the capping of NACHI’s N. American membership at 10,000, there is no guarantee that a deleted member will be able to rejoin.

To renew your membership now visit:

I sent an e-mail to all my grads to let them know if they were not renewed, they have to renew…NOW!

Have a great day! Sorry I was unable to be at the convention. I heard it was terrific!

Great move Nick! It is about time that we tighten down the membership. Only the best will succeed. No more free ride.

John M. Acaron, CHI

Sounds like the final strike in
Operation Deadwood!

Great streamlining!


Remind me to give you green!* Comments like this deserve green. I especially the term “No more free rides” I must use that line more often!!*


Thirty days is more than enough time to decide if one will renew membership with the world’s BIGGEST, LARGEST, and the BEST Association!! You are being very generous with 30 days Nick IMO.

I was just thinking about this yesterday, as my renewal is coming up. this will be my first renewal, does NACHI send renewal notice??

How about we send this as a renewal notice? . . . just found this website and couldn’t resist. :wink: :wink:

Very cool Mike, love it! :slight_smile:

Hi to all,
I was just wondering about renewal notices. It is about time to renew
my membership and I did receive a notice last year but have not
received one this year. Is this a first year notice only or what?


All renewal invoices are sent out about 2 months early as areminder. You can also call me direct at 303.502.6214 if you have any doubts :wink:

What about members who don’t do their meeting requirements or CE? Just curious.

Goodbye and best whishes to all.


Why are we waiting 30 days? This is just causing a double work load. Check their membership once to make them invisible, then recheck their membership again in 30 days to fully delete them. If they aren’t current DELETE THEM IN FULL.

my renewel must be soon

I will have to check

maybe my notice is coming

Your Home page does not work either, are you sure you are alive?

The page cannot be found

The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.Please try the following:

I have been cut off?

thanks Roy

Im diving into this


You have not been cut off but the link that NACHI is using is bad. Check in Control Panel and change the URL to your website. That will clear it up.


Try this