Proof that the "Black Helicopters" are a myth

Many people believe that there are silent, secret forces in the U.S. that do all sorts of clandestine activities.

  • The Assasination of JFK and RFK were an inside job (actually, the assasination of ZRFK was the fiirst act of Palistinian terroism).
  • The collaspse of the twin towers and tower 7.
  • TWA flight 702, that some say was shot down near Cape Cod.

The list goes on and on.

Bt I have proof that these secret forces, if they exist at all, are, at the least, very incompitent.

Wiki Leaks has started leaking secret and classified government documents and diplomatic cables. Check out Drudge for details, but these documents will a) really embarrase the U.S., and many other governments, b) probably get a lot of people killed (like informants and intellegence operatives) and c) generally, mess of the world.

So, this being said, and being done, why haven’t these so-called secret black ops guys already wacked the owner of Wiki Leaks? We knew he was going to do this and he has done it before and he is accessable for a double tap to his head. So why hasn’t it been done?

Reality is always much more intresting than hollywood or crackpot fiction, is my opinion.

Hope this helps;

How do you know that the government is not filtering this so-called “leaking” information and using an unsuspecting clod thinking that he is actually releasing secrets in order to mislead the enemy and set him up for a bigger surprise? It happens all the time.

In poker strategy it’s know as fourth level thinking. :wink:

I would disagree if only for the reason that many countries, not just the U.S. are quite angrey about it.

And why did I know that you two would be the first to comment on, and disagree with, my posit.

You can put on an angry face when running a bluff. It’s a good way to get a call… if ya want one, bluffing with the best hand pays off from time to time :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t presume to know “how things are done” especially behind the scenes. You could spin the “leak” so many different ways. Even if all that was leaked was not meant to be leaked… spin that up too!

What is truth? :lol:

See what I mean? While I agree with your post…I was able to present a counter argument to make you believe otherwise. Things are not always what they seem…or are they?

Like you said, if there were people that did not want the info to get out…the messenger would get whacked. He didn’t. Does that mean that there are no such people to whack him…or that he is unintentionally doing their bidding?

Or not?

Your guess is certainly no more…or no less…valid than anyone else’s guess. You might admit that…but then again…maybe, even though you agree…you might present some other public response.

Or not.

One has to wonder why these sort of leaks in thousands never happen to Russia or China? Some comments have interpreted this as a triumph of the freedom of speech. It may be, but what about the content which shows possible war crimes or crimes againts humanity?

Why has not the US government asked wikileaks to clarify themselves and that it will start an investigation regarding the alleged war crimes and humanitarian crimes that these alleged doc’s show? In a certain sense wikileaks has made accusations and has brought forward their arguments for them. They have not acted unprofessionaly by simply pointing the finger without proofs. It maybe that all their allegations are untrue

Try acting real nervous when running this bluff and you’ll get called every time. :wink:

Well the fact is that governments have murdered 100’s of millions in just the last 100 years alone, the same criminal central banks have financed all sides of the major wars. This might come as a surprise to some but governments and corporations lie to us all the time, so just because the information you read about comes from an ‘’ official ''source does not mean it is the truth.

This thread should be in members only.

Yeah I don’t want to give away any of my “tells” to the general public. :mrgreen:

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee Do you really Think Governments Keep secrets from us ,
And have Special People running around in Black suits and glass’s
Give me a break .

Psst Anyone seeing this i deny everything I see nothing i hear nothing .

I’m not sure why his brakes haven’t failed going into a dangerous curve. Should have been done a long time ago.

US says leaks are a crime, threatens prosecution

So it is true…:mrgreen:

Dude? :roll:

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