Property Owner Indicted - Failure to Comply with Lead Paint Laws

Worcester Area Property Owner Indicted on Child Endangerment Charges for Allegedly Failing to Comply with Lead Paint Laws

Pretty blatant if you ask me.
He’ll get what he deserves.

I’ve mentioned the lead laws to some of my clients that are purchasing and likely “fixing up” (usually patching over… if you’re lucky) the older homes that, quite frankly no one else really wants in my market.

You mention that for their own benefit as well as others… there are new lead laws they should (and more importantly their un-licensed cheap-o help) should be following. I end up getting that glazed over look… like “Tim, I could care less. I’m here to make a profit, I just need to know what I’m getting into. My GUY will handle it all.”

Stories like this may make 'em think twice.

Fines up to $37,500 per day for violators. Sure glad I’m not a contractor :wink: