Proposed Radon Amendment Eliminating Radon Testers

The politicians are at it again.

A proposed Amendment to Radon Licensing will eliminating the Radon Tester License and put those responsibilities on Licensed Radon Mitigators. It will basically eliminate third party testing.

Sorry about the late notice, I only found out about it today. They are scheduled to vote on it tomorrow December 18th, 2020.
I recommend emailing your State Senator.

Proposed Amendment

Well you know who is pushing this bill, the owners of mitigation companies of course. It’s easy money for them to go in and do a 48 hour test then sell them a system based on readings between 2 and 4. Not sure why they want to eliminate the 3rd party testers which usually adds to their business.

Whenever a client ask me about radon testing, I shoot straight with them. I will be glad to do the test for them BUT…and I explain that the minimum 48 hour test is limited and can be taken out of context based on many factors including climate seasons, vacancy and lack of normal use of the home…etc. I send them the link to the EPA site and also articles explaining long term vs. short term testing/monitoring. Then I let them decide which route they want to go. Hopefully the state or jurisdiction doesn’t require radon test prior to the sale of a home.

Sure, it’s a good ancillary service, but I have had many clients thank me for being upfront and sending them information so they could make the call, not me or a mitigation company.

Hopefully the Bill won’t pass. Let the third parties test too and explain their views to the clients.

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