PRV and 4point

Water heater gotta be over 25yrs old. Water is hot. Working. Will a PRV work as far as a 4pt is concerned or will a TPRV be required.

Thanx in advance

Ins Co might have an issue with the age alone.
More than 20 years

I agree with Travis, 4pt I did a month ago guy called me up told me he couldn’t get insurance, due to the age of the water heater. Funny story, he asked me should I replace the heater:shock:

How old was it?

There was probably no data plate to prove. Appears to be 20 years or older.

I had a twenty year Ruud today, still going…and going…

Some of these water heaters were better built back than and last a long time. But insurance companies want to see things updated :roll:

If this is a 4 pt., then you’re reporting “No TPR valve”.

And hopefully you told the home owner that they have a potential explosion hazard since the appliance lacks a temperature relief valve, and it should be shut down and corrected (replaced) immediately.


I agree with this in regards to four points like you always point out any dangers , hazards and the like for the safety of the homeowner and to inform them of insurance issues that may arise with such. However, sometimes plumbers, electricians and contractors put our statements in contempt because they are not in the loop with insurance requirements and what we see everyday. Just the other day I called out an FPE panel to the owner, it looked fine with no issues but made sure they knew the dangers and the fact that insurance providers will be limited. They said that an electrician just looked at it and said it’s fine. Had the same thing happen with PB not long ago. Just stay focused on what we know and be polite explaining the situation and even then they may not understand , report and let the carrier sort it out.