Relief valve question

This is from a fellow members 4pt inspection - I’m not going to mention any names -

Keep in mind this is a residential home inspection an this is what this HI says about the water heater. And the supplied photo is from his report.

[FONT=Verdana][size=2] Plumbing condition:
Is the plumbing system in good working order: No-see below.
Water heater defects: pressure discharge pipe reduced in size,
pressure discharge pipe vented upward.

Now the relief valve is plumbed in 3/4 inch and runs downhill as far as I can tell. Now this guys insurance company is telling him to fix it. (But there is nothing to fix)

Just curious as to what you all think.

That does not look like my style of photo taking :slight_smile:

I don’t see any “vented upward”, but I can’t tell if that is 1/2" or 3/4" from the photo. Sounds like he needs a new 4 point done.

I’ll do it for $150 :slight_smile: Buy the way I suggest you all just start saying $150 when folks call and if they scream in horror and act they will run then tell them you will give them a break if you need the cabbage. I do not advertise 4 points but probably get 1/2 from the folks that call and almost always at $150. Many are previous clients or ar sent my way but hey I am not unhappy at that number :slight_smile: I’m just saying you all ought to feel out each customer and get what you can to make you oth happy. It has been working well for me :slight_smile:

I wish I could, but quoting a standard 4pt at $150 would mean sitting here on this MB full time. I do get almost that price for a State Farm 4pt though.

150.00 is a great price point for a 4pt in my opinion

And as a FYI it is a 3/4 inch relief valve with 3/4 inch pipe

I think you should call this guy and discuss it with him

Send in the pic from a different angle and state “fixed”.:mrgreen:

Not a bad idea to educate when errors are made.
We all learned from mistakes, hopefully.

I don’t leave the office for less than $150.

Where does it terminate?

Have the initial inspector go back and make a correction.

Hey Jared, I’m waiting for your call - was it me? ha ha
I know it wasn’t.
I don’t see a problem.
I ask for $200 on stand alone 4 Points.
Most of mine are included with a full comp inspection, though. :slight_smile:

I just booked another $150 4 point with a 70 wind Mit

I just booked A 150 wind mitigation inspection because it is in Coral Gables and I dislike the traffiic in Coral GaBles

dang today is turning out to be a pretty good day on top of all that good news I just got $30 tipyou guys will probably read about me getting run over by a bus or something later today


I’m sorry - I didn’t forget, been super busy getting this thing started plus traveling for my full time job. I should be back next week.