saddle valve placement

Found this self tapper going to a humidifier.
Any good comments?saddlevalve.jpg

Is that flexible plastic pipe coming off the valve? If so, is it listed for domestic water pressure? Not saying it’s wrong, but I’ve never seen anything but copper in that application, only on ice maker supplies…

Yeah but I see that all the time Mike.
How about the placement on the water hammer arrestor?
Still you are right.
Even for an ice maker it is against Chicago c–e.(I did not say it.)

Now that I look more closely, is that a bladder type arrestor, or just a hollow chamber type intended for vertical installation only?

I do not see any signs of a bladder.
Looks like a peice of copper pipe on a tee.
Could it be there just for the saddle?
I would think if it is meant to function right it should be vertical.Hmmmm

Just grabbed another pic.
Can this thing be on the hot side?
jaymepaul 042 (Small).jpg
They were hooking up some of the lines while I was inspecting if you are wondering about the manuels.

Not a hammer arrestor----just an expensive stub-out;-)

Robert, I don’t if having a self tapper on a humidifier is acceptable, but you should never have one on an icemaker. I would pick up one of those manuals and see the manufacturers installation instructions.

Hi Ken
I personaly do not care for the saddle valves myself as the rubber gasket does eventualy wear out.
Chuck you must be right.
Why did they not just insert a t section with quarter inch shutoff? oy

I will probably never see a humidifier here in Texas, at least I haven’t yet, but is typical to connect one to the hot side? Unless they have the inlet shu off valve on the wrong side. Is that plastic line rated for high temperature? Also see the line right up against the flue, at least it looks like that in the picture. :shock:
That stub out is there for a reason, maybe for future expansion. The gasket won’t last very on the hot side either, it will dry rot fast.

Plastic supply is not allowed in Chicago.
Ray they are still not finished.
They also left hookup for a washer dryer in that closet.

I don’t know about IL, but all of the Detroit subarbs that I’ve worked in have ordinances against saddle valves. I think the state does as well, but I’m not sure on that. That should be on the cold side; some humidifier manufactures will void the warrenty if the supply line is attached to the hot.