PV Inverter wires tapped into main conductors

This is the first time I have seen inverter wires tapped into the main conductors. Am I correct in assuming this is okY?

I will defer to someone with more PV experience, but will say the cables entering through the large top conduit is not code compliant.

Okay, any extra information would be great. Thanks

PV conductors or not, they still should be protected. The logical option would have been to back feed them into a two pole breaker. If the inverter has to be serviced, the meter would have to be pulled. That’s a lot of current back to the pole.

Maybe @rmeier2 will chime in with an NEC reference or better explanation.

The inverter was on the other side of the wall

Power supplied from a PV or generator is still electricity and would need a transfer switch to protect linemen IMO.