Conductors behind breakers

I know that conductors should not cross over bus bars in a panel. What are your thoughts about conductors passing behind breakers. Thsi just doesn’t seem right. Thanks in advance.


DSCF0295 copy.JPG

No Sir…I don’t like that older wire behind the main breaker at all as the temps on that breaker will more than likely exceed the rating of the older wiring .

Some may disagree but I would say if it is a conductor coming from the other side of the panel and they simply did this because it was not long enough…tell them to splice it on a wirenut and re-route it.

Just my opinion

Looks like an illegal tap on the main bus, to me.

I thought there was something more fishy to this, since someone either had to be a ‘lazy idiot’, or an idiot just trying to hide something. Since the photo shows a small part of the big picture, I still side on the ‘lazy idiot’ trying not to use a wire nut.

Maybe if there was more photos? :wink:


Good point Paul - Thanks.

David - It wasn’t a direct tap - the conductors came from the other side and ran behind the main breakers (there were several double taps but that’s a different story).

Tom- There was quite a bit of fishy business in this panel and the 3 others. Oddly enough, each panel had the electrical inspection certificate framed and hanging next to it. I especially like the permit for a 400-amp panel. I’m assuming a typo as it was next to a 40-amp panel. The 200-amp panel in the garage had a beautifully written and framed circuit labeling document next to it.

DSCF0299 copy.JPG

Person name and address? Might want to edit the photo. :smiley:


lol…SNAP…now thats a NICE camara…:)…yeah I might PHOTOSHOP that portion out…:slight_smile:

or not even knowing that they could use a wire nut

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