PVC soffit baffles

Are PVC pipes considered an acceptable material for a soffit baffle. I would say no, but I am asking.

And since I am asking inspection questions, a speaker recessed in the common wall would be a breech in the fire protection correct?

And since I have you here what is with the 2 PVC terminations filled with gravel. I typically see clean outs with pvc caps.

Thanks for your time.

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163410 020 (Small).jpg

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North Carolina Building Code states-“A minimum of 1 inch (25mm) of airspace shall be provided between insulation and the roof sheathing”
And I beleive most state codes are pretty much the same. So unless he lines up pipe all the way between rafters, this won’t work.

code-" any penetration of rated assembly must be protected and sealed as per penetration detail" Fire rated damper and fire caulk.
I don’t think the speaker cover is a fire rated damper.

Don’t have a clue about the 2 pvc pipes!

Hi. David.

Innovation at it’s best.
That leftover drain pipe is only providing 12.56 sq. in. of air for ventilation compared to a normal proper attic baffle vent that allows approx. 18.7.
So the need to provide the 1/300 ventilation might not be met.
The two to one rule should be followed for attic ventilation when possible.
50% in the soffit and 50% out the other vents.

The NFPA allows some box penatrations in separation walls and also dictates that outlet boxes and back boxes should not be in the same bay on different side of the wall. Meaning back to back.
Was that a 1 hour rated wall?

Could you tell them to put caps on those cleanouts. :mrgreen:
Could be someone’s bright idea of perculating surface water through the stone without clogging the underdrain. Who the hell knows.

I’m sure others will chime in David.

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Thanks for the responses. Appreciated.

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