q on geometry calculation

Just to refresh and verify, when calculating for the 10% of the building perimeter for the Windstorm Report, if it is a row of 8 units attached. Do you calculate the entire building perimeter and include the other unit gables? Or just the unit perimeter and its own gables?



I was taught it was the building in it’s entirety. I go with that. Confusing yes, next do you consider that calculation for the % of frame too? The fact is regardless of what you do you may be wrong later. OIR needs to definitavely identify a proper proceedure for this but don’t hold your breath, they don’t even roll with the advice they get from their paid consulting firm. Too many cooks stirring the pot.

Thats what I thought, As far as the frame calculation, not if it has a concrete firewall in the attic separating the units.
But I guess that if all the units are the same the calculation would wind up being the same percentage for the whole unit just bigger numbers.

It never gets easier but here is my 2 cents. Depends on whom you are working for. If the building is as you say 8 units then it is a condo. and the wind storm policy for the roof would be bourne by the H.O.A. So if you are working for a fee simple owner of one of those 8 units then the only discounts said owner would be applying for would be exterior opening protection in addition to what ever discounts the association may be recieving fot the roof. So roof geometry becomes a mote point and would not be part of that inspection