Wind Mitigation on Duplexes

I know that the roof shape is determined by the entire building, but what about opening protections? If Unit A has all openings protected, while Unit B does not, would Unit A qualify for that credit?

Only if unit A has it’s own wind policy.

Only mention unit you are inspecting.
My advice.
Who knows what they really want and that in my opinion makes NO sense but that is what I would do.

Agree with above. Only the unit you are inspecting, as silly as it sounds

Have the same issue. I treat each unit as it’s own house. But exterior photos show entire building just because. Most of the ones I do have the separation wall from foundation to the roof deck. The one I did the other day on one side I found an 8d Nail and on the other could only find a 6d. The inspections were two weeks apart and each unit is owned separate but the roof was replaced as one unit.

Seems strange that the roof would be considered in its entirety while the opening protections are not - You gotta figure if the building envelope is breached from either unit that’s all she wrote. But I could find no definitive answer.

The unit in question had skylights that were not protected, so this is an academic discussion - We rarely see opening protections in my neck of the woods, but I thought I would be prepared if I ever run across it.

I wish there were more defined guidelines to this subject.

Thats one reason we did 1000 re-inspections in less than 6 month to have more of an understanding as well as meeting with other inspectors performing many of the inspections, and going to Tallahassee to follow the consensus. Only problems with the re-inspections was the people working in the office for ID not knowing what the answer is. No problems with insurance companies. There are many here that have done a lot and although we dont always agree on every little detail (some are stuck in ID mode, Lol) you will get your best answer from some like John S., Glenn, Brad, myself, and a few others

And that’s who I was hoping would chime in - I wasn’t really looking for a Meeker -rant as to the futility of it all. THANKS!

Yeah because my answer was so much different.
I guess hearing the truth and not the same ole same ole is a lifttle frustrating to those who just want to do the same ole same ole.

Sorry that ain’t me.

Must be why I get several calls and emails each week from people seeking my advice but they are afraid to ask in public due to ridicule.

Care to give me an example oif a meeker rant that is not accurate in a case like this or you just another one who piles on like the rest because it is popular?

You know the difference between me and the majority???

I tell you the truth about how I feel and what works for me.

The rest “no exceptions” give a crap about what people think and will only give you the popular most accepted answer.


Most others are straight up cowards and or internet punks that will only run their mouths from afar.

One hell of a rant I guess :roll:

I am just about the only one on this forum that will tell you like it is without caring about how others feel or what the most popular opinion is. If you cannot see that then there is no help for you. I cannot think of another who will be honest without regard of how it makes them look but hey you are entitled to your own opinion as foolish as it may be. Notice how I said what everyone else got to just I said it first without waiting for the rest to chime in.

I knew you couldn’t resist the rant!

I wouldn’t mind if you just considered that my questions just aren’t directed at you and you felt free to ignore them.

Did you find something in my response offensive ?

If you like I will gladly never answer anything you post again the choice is up to you. It does not matter to me in the least.

I answer what I can and help when I can if you would like me to ignore whatever you post just say the word and it is done as long as you do not mention me. No hard feelings.

No, Mike - Nothing offensive in your original post - The Meeker-rant citation was just in reference to the fact that I did not really want to get into a philosophical discussion as you are wont to do and so I was using it metaphorically.

I know how you approach it and was looking for an educated opinion on the subject.

I doubt that anyone who frequents the MB has any question on your position on what to report and how to report it. Mostly I really don’t care about all the other political nonsense.

There are others who are on this MB who have been, and are, doers and shakers who actually get things done, and get them done in a professional manner - without howling at the moon. - Those are the opinions and insights I am looking for when I pose a question.

Well I’ll be sure to keep my opinions to myself when it comes to your questions and comments unless I am specifically brought up. See Ya.