QA/QC for LS & Sun CRM Radon Tests?

I’m looking for a QA/QC for LS Radon Tests. I plan on using the ones from Pro-Lab. Anyone have a file or two they want to share?

Thanks in advance!

You should have QA/QC for radon but after 14,000 plus radon tests, no one has ever ask about it. And Florida is a regulated state for radon.
use the QA/QC from the company you are performing the test under.

I got a cute response last week from a competitor concerning radon tests, thought I’d share:
“I think the best thing for the bottles is to collect pee samples.”

Why would anyone use PRO LAB when AIR Chek, Inc. is out there, just my and hundreds of other professionals humble opinion.

Have fun
Doug Wall
WallRadon Testing, Inc.
Florida DOH Certified Radon Measurement Business, RB1938

I am also looking for a QA/QC document if anyone has one willing to share…