QOD 3/8/2006 Roofing

Please remember that if you don’t see what you feel is the correct answer go with what looks to be most correct. Yesterday I misspelled Balloon, even though it was misspelled it was the answer that was closets to the correct one.

Closets? What do closets have to do with framing? :smiley:

We need a new spell checker that makes sure the word is usable in the sentence.

I have never seen a cedar shake roof. Is it true that when it rains the shakes swell and cover any openings in the roof to prevent moisture intrusion?

Off topic. talking about shinlges I see. :neutral:

Yes Erol, it is the damdest thing.
They burn real good too.

What is the difference between a cedar shake and a cedar shingle?

The correct answer is D.

Yes if you were to decrease the spacing you would use significantly more wood shingles.


Shingles are sawn. Shakes are split.

Shakes are also more expensive to install. Cost per square for wood shakes can be 3 times that of wood shingle.

I was once in the closet. :cool:

Now that is hard to believe.

i concure, shigles are machine sawn, and shakes are “hand split” with a mallet and special chisle. very old method seldom done “by hand” these days. a shingle looks like a sawn wedge, an a shake looks like a split log. but you knew that didn’t you.??

3/4 GAPS??? now i’m lost, seem like a BIG gap for a minimum. what’s your source?? i’m wondering now.

Hi Jay,

The question does not ask what the gap width should be. It asks how much the gaps should be offset from course to course.