QOD for 1/19/07 (New Construction)


Full Question: Is the vent hood over a gas cooktop permitted to be connected to
one of the small-appliance branch circuits required for a dwelling unit

lol…well only (2) people have answered this poll…I am one and I am right so people you have a 50-50 chance…lol

Answer: NO…

The vent hood is not
permitted to be connected to one of the small-appliance
branch-circuits. NEC 210.52(B)(2) states that these small-appliance
branch circuits “shall have no other outlets.” Exception No. 2 permits
receptacles installed to provide power for supplemental equipment on
gas-fired counter-mounted cooking units. This may appear to give a
strong argument for a hood fan, but the intent is to provide electric
power for indicating lights and controls on gas cooktops.

That’s all well and fine John but I don’t understand why a HI in the course of a visual inspection would be looking for this type of violaton because it’s a “code” issue. Any thoughts?

I see it as a “safety” issue and would address it.

I don’t disagree but unless it happeded to be marked in the panel the HI would not be aware of it. JMO


Good point. This question was posted more for informational purposes and general understanding. It would have fit more appropriately under phase inspections vs new construction.

On houses with GFCI’s in the kitchen, trip them and then see if power is still present at the vent, microwave and refrigerator, only takes a minute to verify.

ok…lets get this straight…

JUST because it is CODE…the GOOD HI will always strive to learn more, over educate themselves and set themselves apart from the norm. Learning CODE and other things that appear to be OUTSIDE of a standard only services to BUILD up the knowledge and LEARN…this is ALL a good thing…

It is a GOOD question…

Knowledge is KEY…we as educators can tell you that knockouts in a panel needs to be plugged only so many times…WE MUST strive to bring more education and advanced topics to those HI’s who want to LEARN them…to possibly become a HIGHER source of education and greater knowledge…more is not always needed…BUT is always better…

Also it is important to know that advanced education does not mean THIS is what goes on a report…topics like this…are to educate the HI…not to enlighten a REPORT…

Good point Bruce. Thanks

The more we know…the more we grow:D