QOD Pool and Electrical Lines

The minimum height of Electrical Conductors over Pools is

is something you should know if you’re inspecting pools… good question Brian.

Damn I wasn’t pay close enough attention and checked the wrong one.

Maybe not. :wink:

I have been on more than one Inspection and pointed this out to the client. Then I ask them to go get the Lightning Rod/Aluminum Pool Cleaning Pool and walk around the pool.
The look on their faces is sometimes priceless.

Actually Brian it is xxx IRC and if you follow the recommendation from InterNachi xxxxx ft. I believe I have seen it in the NEC at xxx.

Robert non of those answers are correct!

Thanks Brian ,
This is a good post and is helping many to look close at pools .
I hope they look at Drive ways and Roofs too .

Can’t answer without better information.
NEC 680-8.
Depends on code cycle year (exact answer may not be listed), and* exact element *of the pool in question. Also, specifics of the “Electrical Conductors” in question.

It is ok if you don’t know… :smiley:

He does know and so do I.
Current conditions require xxxxx. and if it was up there I would respond to the poll.
If it is an Old ? from Carson Dunlop it is wrong.

Of the answers provided, it is an easy question. :cool:

Actually know it is not Brian but we can argue until the sun goes down and I will not respond to the poll until the correction is made.

Yippee. :smiley: :smiley:

The answer is 22.5 ft but we as InterNachi inspectors should recommend 22.6 ft according to the guidelines from Paul Abernathy and Ben Gromicko.
It also can be found under the 680.8 Overhead conductor clearance chart 2005.

The correct answer is high enough that you can’t come in contact when springing from the diving board. :margarit:

Which one?:mrgreen::wink:

14.5 ft for a diving board, platform or observation stand so I guess as InterNachi inspectors we should add 1 more inch.

gee I love this Forum when Questions are asked and they do not get attacked with a lot of Filth .
Fun is great…


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